Past Winners


First Place:  Rhiannon Lewis – The Jugs Stay with the Dresser

Joint Second Place:  Jo Else – Mr Reginald’s Last Encounter

Joint Second Place: Mark Johnson – Hedgehopping

Highly CommendedAlison Wray (Back Home), Roland Miles (Class Mates), Beth Miller (A Little Bit Ucher Nabish)

The L0cal Prize went to Margaret Histed (The Button Game) with Kylie Whitehead (A Plastic Owl) and Caroline Mair (Vulture and Child) as runners-up.


First prize – David Swann for ‘An Arabesque: the Lamping’

Second prize – Clare Golding for ‘Deafening

Third prize – Rolf Venner for ‘Julia’s Breakfast Redux’.

The local prize was awarded to Liz Jones of Wells for ‘All These Inexorable Things’, with local runner up Jude Winter of Frome with ‘Hide and Seek’.

Vanessa Lafayen (‘Experiments in Gravity’) and D R D Bruton were highly commended overall and the following stories were commended in the local category: ‘When I was Wolf’, ‘The Genie’, ‘No Substitute’, ‘No Good Will Come of It’, and ‘Kites’.


First place:  ‘Plenty more where you came from’, by Fiona Mitchell.

Second place: ‘Hotel Room’ by Kath Grimshaw

Third Place: ‘Under the Mango Tree’ by Liz Gwinnell

Highly Commended : ‘Love in Times Gone by’  by Adrian Wakeling and ‘Crackle and Pop’ by Geralyn Pinto..

Local Prizes:

‘Love in Times Gone by’, Adrian  Wakeling  (1st)

‘Snowblind’, Julie Hayman (2nd)

‘Under the Mango Tree’, Liz Gwinnell (3rd)

Highly Commended: ‘Not as Advertised’, by Alison Blake-Reed, ‘Sugared Almonds’, by Caroline Rose, ‘Myello’, by Jude Vale, ‘While my Father Lies in the Palm of my Hand’, by Ethan Chapman, and ‘Young and Drunk’, by Joshua Jarman.









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