Past Winners


First Place: Clare Reddaway – A Long Way From Home
Second Place: Richard Hughes – Is this the Fussen train?
Third Place: Jessica Fabrizius – Trapped in a Box


First Place: Julie Evans — The Artist’s Last Model

Second Place: William Hillier — I am not Elena

Third Place (and local prize): Suzie Lockhart-Smith — Colouring in


First Place:  Rhiannon Lewis – The Jugs Stay with the Dresser

Joint Second Place:  Jo Else – Mr Reginald’s Last Encounter

Joint Second Place: Mark Johnson – Hedgehopping


First prize – David Swann for ‘An Arabesque: the Lamping’

Second prize – Clare Golding for ‘Deafening

Third prize – Rolf Venner for ‘Julia’s Breakfast Redux’.


First place:  ‘Plenty more where you came from’, by Fiona Mitchell.

Second place: ‘Hotel Room’ by Kath Grimshaw

Third Place: ‘Under the Mango Tree’ by Liz Gwinnell

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