2021 Shortlist and Past Winners

Winners 2021

First place, Tony Peake with Your Call’; second place, Arleen McCrombie with ‘North Ridge’; third place, Jimmy Lowther with ‘Kingfisher; highly commended, Mary Byrne with ‘Finishing Touch‘ and Stella Townson with Butch’.

Local prizes (from writers within 25 miles of Frome): joint first place to Jimmy Lowther (Kingfisher) and Stella Townson (Butch); third place, Jo Kirk with ‘The Last Apple; highly commended, Adrienne Howell with My Boy Jonah’.

Shortlist 2021
Abu Hubeira

Finishing Touch
Issac Falls in Love
Lost SheepMy Boy JonahNorth Ridge

The Last Apple
Twice Round the Moon
Your Call
Results 2020
  • First Place: Peace Offering, by Elizabeth Pratt

  • Second Place: The Prodigal Robin, by Louise G Cole

  • Third Place: Missing the Boat, by Vivian Oldaker

Local Prize
  • First Place: Air Freshener and Jam, by Jill Warrener

  • Runner -up: Missing the Boat, by Vivian Oldaker

Previous Results


First Place: Clare Reddaway – A Long Way From Home
Second Place: Richard Hughes – Is this the Fussen train?
Third Place: Jessica Fabrizius – Trapped in a Box


First Place: Julie Evans — The Artist’s Last Model

Second Place: William Hillier — I am not Elena

Third Place (and local prize): Suzie Lockhart-Smith — Colouring in


First Place:  Rhiannon Lewis – The Jugs Stay with the Dresser

Joint Second Place:  Jo Else – Mr Reginald’s Last Encounter

Joint Second Place: Mark Johnson – Hedgehopping

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